Sarah Lentz is a songwriter's songwriter. She crafts songs whose constituent elements—lyrics and music—are strong and able on their own. But when brought together these elements are lifted into a realm where things are in flux, where tonality and heartbreak are searching for resolve and where what you see is what you get…until you hit that killer bridge where the narrative voices invert, rhythmic progressions are bent to the breaking point and sweetness couldn't be any sweeter until it rips your face off.

Sarah Lentz is a singer's singer. Her voice has a timber and range that equals a well-played viola, you know that strange little hybrid number that is neither a cello nor a violin but has the stormy, tragic power of the one and the soaring, triumphant majesty of the other. Sarah has the ability to whisper sweet optimism in her baby's ear but also power through a dirge that keeps the speakers buzzing for hours. Her voice is a voice that knows confidently what it is doing at all times, is generously offered without reserve, seeks to connect to the deep truths of existence and somehow comes up with that connection every time. Sarah Lentz is, yep—a singer/songwriter's singer/songwriter…and for as awkward and cumbersome as that term might read, it is a territory that few in Sarah Lentz's field can so comfortably and confidently occupy.

Sarah moved to New York City by way of Nashville by way of Pittsburgh seeking her fortune and more importantly musical comradeship to help her explore her ideas and ambitions. Her road professionally and personally has been a bumpy one. But through and in the midst of living life well and bravely, Sarah's vision and determination has remained true and unwavering, self-releasing two studio records and one Christmas record, fighting and defeating a debilitating autoimmune disease, risking financial suicide by marrying a visual artist and making a life and a family in NYC despite many other cheaper and easier towns in which to do so.

Sarah is extremely pleased to announce the release and celebration of her newest studio recording titled Begin Again that was funded by the faith and support of her fans. Begin Again, beautifully recorded by Emmy award winning Christopher Koch and mastered by Grammy award winning Mark Winter, is a robust collection of songs that keep moving, one after the other, into the territory of their own making. In these songs, there is a searching Sarah is engaged with that operates on every level. Lyrically, there is a searching for love, for peace, for permanence…for the real. But deeper and more complicated, this searching is mirrored musically through stylistic and formal shifts. We see Sarah's clear mind exploring and mining musical forms…making them her own, causing them to speak as she would have them speak, sound as she would have them sound, mean what she would have them mean. There is searching on this beautifully honed record but there is also a sense of finding—finding peace, finding resolve…or at least the hope for peace, the hope for resolve…and it is this hope that is the fulcrum upon which one can truly Begin Again.